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Blogging for Liberty: Obama Care and Real Death Panels

Obama Care and Real Death Panels

The health care bill hides in its voluminous paragraphs the underlying method of cutting costs which will be based on rationing and denying care (not preventing the need for health care).

It has become pejorative to use the phrase “death panels”, but there are panels that will deny care to people based on probabilities. So, if you don’t meet the probabilities, then you will NOT get the care that your massive tax increases are ostensibly paying for. That is correct! You will no longer be able to decide that you want to live (the government will take that decision away from you). The government bureaucracies will not care if you die, for their goal is to save money by NOT providing permission for life giving care.

This panel, created in the “Stimulus package” (The American Recovery and Investment Act) is called “The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research”.

The panel was established in section 1201 of the Stimulus bill, it was funded with $1.1 billion from the Stimulus bill, and President Obama has already appointed 13 of the 15 member Federal Council.

Don’t believe me? Well here they are:

Anne C. Haddix, Ph.D

Thomas B. Valuck, MD, MHSA, JD

Peter Delany, PhD, LCSW-C

Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D.

David Hunt, M.D.

James Scanlon

Elizabeth Nabel, M.D

Jesse L. Goodman, M.D., M.P.H.

Rosaly Correa-de-Araujo, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D

Neera Tanden, J.D

Joel Kupersmith, M.D.

Michael Kilpatrick, M.D.

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

“Comparative Effectiveness Research” is based on the formula that considers the cost per treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment.

So, if you have a condition that needs treatment, then the panel will approve or rejected your treatment based on how much it costs divided by how much you are worth, in their opinion, to society.

The Stimulus bill goes on to say that if hospitals and doctors save your life but break the government protocol, then you will see your doctor go to prison.

Still not impressed? In section 1233 of the health care bill there is a section that is devoted to “Advanced Care Planning”.  This section states that after each American turns 65 years of age they have to go to a mandated counseling program that is designed to end life sooner.  This counseling session is to occur every 5 years unless the person has developed a chronic illness, and if they do have a chronic illness, then they must be counseled every year!

The topics in these mandatory counseling sessions will include how to decline hydration and nutrition, and how to begin hospice care. (basically a state where your caretakers feel your death is inevitable, or so they think). Sounds like an idea right out of the movie “Logan’s Run”.

For this Obama care plan to work, people need to die sooner and less expensively. Denying health care is exactly the way to do that.

Let’s see? Are there any modern examples? Yes, the swine flu morality rate in Mexico versus the mortality rate here. Same virus, different health care systems, and different rates of mortality.

Anyone prefer the chances in Mexico?


Blogging for Liberty: Mary Landrieu and James “the Pimp” O’Keefe

“Louisiana Watergate”

In January, 2010, James O’Keefe,  and three other associates went into the New Orleans office of Senator Mary Landrieu wearing white hard harts, tool belts and flourescent vests and saying they needed to fix a problem with the phone system.

State Democrats quickly called the alleged plot a “Louisiana Watergate,” but federal officials have not yet said why the men wanted to interfere with Landrieu’s phones, whether they were successful, or even if the goal was political espionage.

Mary Landrieu was not answering her phone’s and Mr. O’Keefe “the “Pimp” was going to show on film that the published phone number to Mary Landrieu’s office is bogus; and they were going to show that if you dial the number, the phone in her office does not ring.  They did not attempt to bug her office or in any way disable her phone’s.

“The government has now confirmed what has always been clear:  No one tried to wiretap or bug Senator Landrieu’s office.”

Some weeks ago, Landrieu was quoted as saying that “Our lines have been jammed for weeks” when constituents complained that they could not get through to her office staff to note their opposition to Landrieu’s vote on healthcare reform.  “In investigating this matter, we decided to visit Senator Landrieu’s district office – the people’s office – to ask the staff if their phones were working,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe also states that the entire ordeal was videotaped and that he was “eager” for the government to allow the tape to be released.

Landrieu was criticized  for her vote on the Senate health care bill after securing a Medicaid provision estimated in value at up to $365 million for Louisiana. Conservatives accused her of selling her vote but she insisted no “special deals” were made (yeah, right).

Follow Up

In May, 2010, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr.  ruled that the misdemeanor charges against the four men can be resolved before a magistrate instead of a judge.

Noriega 2011

General Manuel Noriega

Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno, was the military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989.


The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed him from power, he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war, and flown to the United States.

France was granted its extradition request in April 2010. He arrived in Paris on April 27, 2010, and after a re-trial as a condition of the extradition, he was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in jail in July 2010. France announced it will extradite him to Panama so he would face trial there for human rights violations after his sentence concludes (July 2017).