In 2010 President Barack Obama appointed Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andrew Stern to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, a new commission tasked with coming up with recommendations to help reduce the federal deficit.

Oh, don’t worry, he knows the President well! According to White House visitor logs released in November of 2010,  Stern visited the White House at least 22 times in 2009, making him the most frequent visitor during that year!

Stern will not feel alone either! Patrick Gaspard, a former vice president for politics and legislation for SEIU Local 1199, a giant New York health care workers union, who was named White House political director following Obama’s election will be in the White House

Barack and Patrick

Also, SEIU Treasurer Anna Burger, who was named to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, will be at the White House too!.

Anna and Barack

Of course the former SEIU associate general counsel Craig Becker, did not get appointed because his nomination to the National Labor Relations Board was blocked in the Senate. Becker has stated publicly representing illegal aliens is one of the core tasks of the SEIU. Yes,  he was so bad that Congress  (with the help of a couple of Democrats) blocked the appointment. So how did  Obama respond? By making Becker a recess appointment, that’s how. That means that he’ll serve on the board until the end of 2011. SEIU knows it’s good to own a President.

SEIU has invested heavily in politics. In 2008, it was the 7th largest campaign donor, with almost every penny of its contributions going to statist Democrats (sorry about the redundancy). In fact, Andrew Stern told a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper  in May 2009; “We (SEIU) spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we’re proud of it.”

By the way, who do you think stands to gain with the implementation of Obama Care? Can you say SEIU?


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