The rules of engagement in Afghanistan are so ridiculous that our troops cannot fight.

On “Bill Bennett’s America in the Morning” a correspondent, who used to be a soldier in Vietnam and recently embedded with the troops in Afghanistan, said that the rules of engagement are so ridiculous that our troops cannot act.

He said it ends up that over 95% of the soldiers’ actions are really reaction to being attacked.  For example, the correspondent told a story about a Taliban soldier who was watching with binoculars the platoon in which the correspondent was embedded. He asked the U.S. soldiers why they didn’t shoot him (as they would have done that in Vietnam), and they said.” because according to the rules of engagement the man with binoculars was not showing ‘hostile intent’ (was not looking at them through a rifle scope) and if they shot him they would be arrested for court-martial!” Later in the program, a recent officer retiree from the Army reported that it is no longer politically correct to sing songs about killing the enemy!

What? I cannot believe it (well, yes I can), and, yes, the American troops have to put each and every Taliban fighter through a sort of Maranda process when they capture one!

Perhaps the OBAMANATION wants to demoralize and make impotent our troops (like the Bolsheviks did to the Russian troops returning from their fight with Germany in World War I). No matter the reason (or lack thereof) sacrificing brave American lives for this type of sophistry is unconscionable.

In a tangentially related factoid, I frequently here ignorant, main-stream reporters say that no one has been able to conquer and hold the territory now known as Afghanistan. Pure subterfuge! From 1220 to 1506 the Mongols ruled Afghanistan (286 years). From 1506 until 1747 when Afghanistan became independent, the region was controlled by the Mughals of northern India and the Safavids of Iran (241 years).

“Ye shall know the truth…”

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