The national debt has gone from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in 3 and 3/4 years!

Is that not enough?

Sixteen trillion dollars is 6 million stacks of one million dollar bills!

Below is a drawing of just what a stack of $1 billion dollars would look like if it were made up of one hundred dollar bills.

Stacks of $100 dollar bills in amounts of ten thousand, one million, and one billion dollars!

Here is a little perspective on how one trillion dollars in $100 dollar bills would look!

One trillion in $100 dollar bills

Looking at our current labor market, the official unemployment rate (the U3 number) was at a high of 10 percent in October 2009, and has fallen to 8.1 percent. Progressive politicians say this is evidence that their policies are bringing back jobs, and on first blush people believe it, but it is subterfuge. The educated position is that most of the decline in the unemployment rate is due to people giving up looking for work (this does NOT consider all the people who are working at lesser jobs or lower pay as they are legion).

If we were to add back the people who have stopped looking for work since October 2009, the unemployment rate would be more than 11 percent (U6 – see graph). The official (U3) unemployment rate has fallen largely because the government stopped counting large numbers of jobless people.

The liberals, Progressives, or statists in control of the Senate and White House have as their goal central planning of the economy. Do you really think these people are smarter than you? If you vote for them, then I guess you do.

Think about this: Sharecroppers at most, paid no more than 40% of their production to the land owners. Add up all the taxes on gasoline, sales, property, business, licenses, permits, FICA, income tax, cell phone, electricity, water, and even death, just to list a few, and see how much you already pay. Now, Obama states outright he is going to increase your tax burden even more, and he is going to de facto increase your water and electricity rates, and there are over 20 new ways to tax you with the health care law.

What would you do with 6 trillion dollars?

Are these statists smarter than you?

Does Obama deserve to be re-elected?


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