Tracking homicides in Chicago: The City with the Strictest Gun Laws of the Nation

At least 275 people have been killed (mostly by gun fire) in the city this year as of July 11, 2012 and many more have been shot. Add to that 19 more just the weekend of September 9th. Compare that to Afghanistan were we have been at war for 11 years and have lost 2000 troop. August ended with 57 homicides, up from 37 homicides in August 2011.

This was the deadliest August since August 2010, which saw 60 homicides. Fatal stabbings up 78% versus 2011. Thirty-four fatal stabbings have been recorded as of September 5th—already surpassing 2011 and 2010 totals (so much for gun control).

Gun control? Don’t believe the hype!


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