There is no place in the United States that is entirely monochromatic, and no place in the world where everyone is of the same mind!
In the third division of Philadelphia’s 28th Ward, for example, 94 percent of the residents are black, and voter registration lists showed only 12 registered Republicans in the division, but the media statists expect us to believe that none voted for Romney? Subterfuge!
Are you telling me that NONE of the blacks, who have sustained the largest unemployment rate in the history of the United States, post-Civil War, voted 100% for the Socialist-in-chief? I have never seen any group of people who were 100% for anything! Look at post 9/11 and all the “truthers” who believed Bush blew up the towers!
Do you remember the election coverage on Fox news, and the minor controversy that erupted when Carl Rove’s predictions for the Ohio precincts numbers did not match with the actual numbers the team in the back of the newsroom was receiving?
This is why! They were packing the ballot stations! How many votes did Mickey Mouse cast this time? Remember, ACORN changed its name, not its attitude. Do you believe that the same bunch of statists who let their own ambassador die for political expediency, would consider voter fraud beneath them?
I think you should keep in mind that the media and its reporters are statists, and they work very hard to spin the facts into a palatable lie that the uninitiated will consume; after all, if it is in print, then it is fact right? Subterfuge!
The media statists attempt to prove the veracity of these incredulous tallies with anecdotes of historic vote counts that show similar impossibilities. In 2004 five Philadelphia divisions shut out former President George W. Bush entirely. In 2008, 57 divisions in Philadelphia returned zero votes for John McCain, and in Ohio Obama won 97 percent of the black vote! Was he more loved this time?
Do these statists really think that we are so ignorant that we believe the diatribe that there was no voter fraud in 2004 or 2008? Subterfuge, In fact, it is getting worse (not better).
Now, on the flip-side, there are places where Obama won less than 10 percent of the vote. In King County, Texas, he won exactly five votes to Romney’s 135, but nowhere was Obama’s loss among white voters a shutout!
It is now becoming clear just how lopsided President Obama’s victory was in some cities: in dozens of urban precincts, Mitt Romney earned literally zero votes. Could a major party’s presidential candidate fail to earn even one vote? Not if you know human nature!
Remember this quote always:“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
― Joseph Stalin

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