If you believe the invasion of illegals is just a trumped up inconvenience for Texas rednecks, think again. You who are not Texan are going to lose your country too, and to people from failed nations all over the world (not just Central American socialists). The people who are invading are not coming here for religious or philosophic freedom, they are coming to take your stuff! Yes, the illegals will help all of America become very familiar with Shakespeare’s “et tu brute?”

Othal E. Brand Jr. from the border town of Hidalgo, Texas, is a man in control, and as such, when drug cartels began exploiting the stretch of river at the water pump station he runs, he took things into his own hands. He built a Border Patrol-friendly boat ramp, watchtower and helicopter pad to beef up security there at the pump station. “My men built that boat ramp about three years ago after they were shot at,” Brand said. “It’s the only boat ramp on a 20-mile stretch of the river.

We used to have traffic everyday. But our traffic here is zero right now. That’s because I’ve put up cameras which I give the Border Patrol access to. I’ve put in paths and roads; I’ve cleared a staging area for them; I have Wi-FI; I have backup power. At night, it’s lit (up) like a Christmas tree out here. I’ve made our area friendly for law enforcement. It has absolutely stopped all the (illegal) traffic.”

However, his sense of security is tentative, “The Rio Grande sector (of the southern border) is the shortest distance to Central America,” Brand said. “I’m not comfortable. You stop the (illegal) traffic, and the minute you leave and divert (border enforcement) resources elsewhere, they come back.”

The pump station of Water Improvement District 3, one of 26 water districts on the Rio Grande, isn’t exactly the center of the border crisis. But center or not, “Last year we found eight bodies in the river here,” Brand said. “Four of them had no heads. None of them drowned.”

Most of those who illegally enter the United States through the river here do not willingly give themselves up, as is often the case with unaccompanied children from Central America or mothers with children.
Just to make sure you known—since April of this year alone—there have been over 300,000 illegal immigrants caught crossing the southern border of which only 53,000 have been children under 18. That is twice the number of people who invaded Normandy during the D-Day invasion!

But 300,000 is only a fraction of the illegal traffic, as this is only the ones that were caught crossing the southern border. If you want to see the illegals from the Eastern Bloc countries, the Caribbean, Deep-South America, or Asia, then you have to include the East and Left coasts. For example, did you know there is a sizable population of Brazilians in the tiny little town of Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod? Now, not all of these Brazilians are illegal (just all the ones I talked with). But it is not just Brazil, as Ireland was well represented in the group of illegals on the cape. Closer to home, there is an entire high-rise building in Marina Del Rey, California full of former citizens of the Soviet Union—all of whom are receiving tax payer-supported welfare, but I digress…

When Othal grew up on the Rio Grande, it wasn’t like this—and that applies to all the border towns along the Texas frontier with Mexico.
Brand, 61, has lived in McAllen since 1955 and he remembers when he used to play at the river, barbecuing and camping.

When drug violence exploded in the last decade, Brand says, he began to lose his sense of security. He is not the only one! Trips into Mexico used to be a common occurrence for people from my home section of Texas too, but that started to become imprudent in the 90’s, and for the last dozen years nobody from the American side dares go into Mexico by choice.

Now the same people who have made Mexico and Central America what it is today are going to remake the U.S. in their own image.

Original article by Josh Siegal, but edited heavily in this posting by the philistines at BloggingForLiberty.

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