ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) 8/4/14 — “The doctor who treated a man who flew to Nigeria and soon died of Ebola now has contracted the disease, authorities said Monday, presenting a dire challenge to Africa’s most populous nation as the regional toll for the outbreak grew to 887 dead.”  And what did the Obamanation do? “A special (US government) plane left Liberia to evacuate the second American missionary who fell ill with Ebola. Nancy Writebol, 59, is expected to arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday, where she will be treated at a special isolation ward.” Compassion to the victim or attempted murder of the public?

Has anyone seen the movie “Outbreak”? Well, the military/CDC has special MASH-like units to take proper care of these types of infections “on location.” The goal is state-of-the-art treatment AND isolation from other population centers; you know, population centers like say Atlanta.

“The second confirmed case in Nigeria is a doctor who treated Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American man who died July 25 days after arriving in Nigeria from Liberia, said Nigerian Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu.” “Three others who also treated Sawyer now show symptoms of Ebola and their test results are pending, he said. Authorities are trying to trace and “quarantine” others in Lagos, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city of 21 million people.”

Now read this: “This cluster of cases in Lagos, Nigeria is very concerning,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention, which is dispatching 50 experienced disease control specialists to West Africa.”

” ‘It shows what happens if meticulous infection control, contact tracing, and proper isolation of patients with suspected Ebola is not done. Stopping the spread in Lagos will be difficult but it can be done,’ he said.” So, let’s fly a couple of infected people over here?

“Contact tracing is essential but it’s very hard to get enough people to do that,” “For the average case, you want to look back and catch the 20 to 30 people they had closest contact with and that takes a lot of effort and legwork … The most important thing now is to do the contact tracing and quarantine any contacts who may be symptomatic.”

I guess it is expected of these statists to be ignorant of the past, but someone should remind these naive people that with the so called Columbian Exchange, Native Americans died by the millions (some estimates report that over 80% of the American natives died from this European disease exchange).

For example, look at Cortes’ invasion of Mexico. Before his arrival, the native Mexican population was estimated to have been around 25-30 million. Only fifty years after his arrival, the Mexican population was cut down to 3 million, attributable mainly to infectious disease inadvertently brought by the Conquistadors. These European diseases brought destruction through repeated epidemics, involving illness and extensive death. Why? Because the natives lacked prior contact with Europeans, and so they had no previous exposure to the diseases that were prevalent on the distant continent. Apparently, to these statists, Africa is not a distant continent.

The African country of Sierra Leone marked a national stay-at-home day Monday in an effort to halt the disease’s spread. The country run by an African statist responded with a national bring-them-home day!

VirusObamaGetting Vacinated2014


“I guess if you can’t tax’em and regulate’em to death or invade them fast enough, then just infect them?”

Seriously, these people are killing your country at breakneck speed, but apparently not fast enough…so, how about 30 days?


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