Thomas Sowell defends Matt Drudge in face of Geraldo’s barbs

By one of my favorite thinkers, Dr. Thomas Sowell. All remarks in blue font are added by BloggingForLiberty.

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Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era (and we are absolutely living in a post-Constitutional era). But growing evidence suggests that we are living in a post-thinking era

Many people in Europe and the Western Hemisphere are staging angry protests against Israel’s military action in Gaza (most of whom are Muslim immigrants who are outbreeding the original native populations – ask the American Indians how that worked out for them. Hint: The French city of Marseille has an estimated 30 to 40 percent Muslim population and has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe). One of the talking points against Israel is that far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli military attacks than the number of Israeli civilians killed by the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel that started this latest military conflict.

Are these protesters aware that vastly more German civilians were killed by American bombers attacking Nazi Germany during World War II than American civilians killed in the United States by Hitler’s forces? (Answer: No. These people are products of the statist run media and are useful idiots, low-information voters, or as we say in Texas, ignorant–pronounced ig-nert). 

Talk-show host Geraldo Rivera says that there is no way Israel is winning the battle for world opinion. But Israel is trying to win the battle for survival, while surrounded by enemies. Might that not be more important? Besides, the Hamassholes are purposely trying to provoke the IDF into killing their own civilians and especially their children (not the Hamas leaders children, oh no, just the rank and file Gaza children)!

Has any other country, in any other war, been expected to keep the enemy’s civilian casualties no higher than its own civilian casualties? The idea that Israel should do so did not originate among the masses but among the educated intelligentsia (Stalin would call them useful idiots).

In an age when scientists are creating artificial intelligence, too many of our educational institutions (run by statists) seem to be creating artificial stupidity.

It is much the same story in our domestic controversies. We have gotten so intimidated by political correctness that our major media outlets dare not call people who immigrate to this country illegally “illegal immigrants.”

Geraldo Rivera has denounced the Drudge Report for carrying news stories that show some of the negative consequences and dangers from allowing vast numbers of youngsters (from countries where “public health” is little more than an English phrase used by Gringos)  to enter the country illegally and be spread across the country by the Obama administration. But if you think these “illegals” are just children and adolescents you would be “ig-nert.” Since April of this year alone more than 300,000 illegals entered though the southern border alone, and only 53 thousand were under the age of 18. Three-hundred thousand is twice as many people as invaded Europe during D-Day!

Some of these youngsters are already known to be carrying lice and suffering from disease. Since there have been no thorough medical examinations of most of them, we have no way of knowing whether, or how many, are carrying deadly diseases that will spread to American children when these unexamined young immigrants enter schools across the country. Now just stop and think about that for a minute. The Obamanation is importing potentially disease-carrying children into schools all across America. Take TB as an example, where each victim of TB infects an average of 10 to 15 others every year – typically through sneezing or coughing. So, one unscreened illegal kid has the potential of infecting 10 to 15 or more American kids! I can understand populations that have political causes to protect their children (from say rocket attacks), but the Obamanation (like the Hamassholes) are purposely putting their own children at risk to protect their political causes!

The attack against Matt Drudge has been in the classic tradition of demagogues. It turns questions of fact into questions of motive. Geraldo accuses Drudge of trying to start a “civil war.”

Back when masses of immigrants from Europe were entering this country, those with dangerous diseases (like TB) were turned back from Ellis Island. Nobody thought they had a legal or a moral “right” to be in America or that it was mean or racist not to want our children to catch their diseases (not just disease that leads to discomfort, but also disease that leads to death).

Even on the less contentious issue of minimum wage laws, there are the same unthinking reactions.

Although liberals are usually gung ho for increasing the minimum wage, there was a sympathetic front-page story in the July 29 San Francisco Chronicle about the plight of a local nonprofit organization that will not be able to serve as many low-income minority youths if it has to pay a higher minimum wage. They are seeking some kind of exemption.

Does it not occur to these people that the very same thing happens when a minimum wage increase applies to profit-based employers? They, too, tend to hire fewer inexperienced young people when there is a minimum wage law.

This is not breaking news. This is what has been happening for generations in the United States and in other countries around the world. For example, Norwalk Mental Hospital, located in a suburb of L.A., developed a program where as part of their therapy, the inpatients were taught how to grow their own food. You see, Norwalk hospital was located on a huge tract of land that used to be a farm, so an inventive therapist developed a gardening program for the patients. Not only was there noticeable psychological benefit from tilling the soil, there was the unpredicted dramatic, physical benefit from the abundance of fresh food available to the patients as well. These inpatient-farmers would supplement their diets with the food they grew, and as a result the general health of the hospital’s population increased measurably! So what’s wrong with this? Well, when the liberals at the ACLU found out about the program the ACLU lawyers sued demanding the patients be given a minimum wage for their labor in addition to the products of their farming, a cost the hospital could not bear. So what happened? Overnight the farming program was stopped and the physical and mental health of the patients returned to baseline.

One of the few countries without a minimum wage law is Switzerland, where the unemployment rate has been consistently less than 4 percent for years. Back in 2003, The Economist magazine reported that “Switzerland’s unemployment neared a five-year high of 3.9 percent in February.” The most recent issue shows the Swiss unemployment rate back to a more normal 3.2 percent.

Does anyone think that having minimum wage laws and high youth unemployment is better? In fact, does anyone think at all these days?

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