People have argued that a wall could not be built along the southern border because of flooding along the Rio Grande (i.e. the logistics were non-existent).
The following is a three-part article I put together to debunk the Luddites beliefs.


1) The Chinese built a 13,000 mile plus wall beginning 2200 BC!
However, the part you see in pictures was built in 1600 AD.
Now remember, they had to deal with creeks, streams, and rivers!

2) The military has a rapid barrier wall system that is stack-able and all you need is a front-end loader. It protects soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is used for floods too (like it was during Katrina)!

3) Finally, there is a part of “the wall” (a fence really) that goes out into the Pacific ocean in San Diego that will last from 20 to 30 years. If we can extend the barricade out into the Pacific ocean, then how hard is it to fashion one on land?

Here is the bottom line: “The fencing is just another tool that we have,” said Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Michael Jimenez, referring to its design. “It helps to slow down the entry of these people to give our agents a chance to make an arrest. Because a fence alone isn’t going to stop people from coming in.”…but it will slow them down… just long enough for the Boarder Patrol to make an arrest!

Don’t believe the hype!

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