Statists and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Statists, Socialist, communists, fascists, Democrats, and RINOs are unified under the rubric of “statist” as described a la Mark Levin. So, I will use the term “statist”  to refer to all of these people (who are ignorant about human history).

Everyone who pays attention has heard at least a statist or two in the Obama Administration belch about all the good intentions of Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao, or  Trotsky. Apropos, Marx is the guy who came up with the phrase, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” and hell is what we are going to get if the people who think Jesus was a communist, George W. Bush is Hitler , and anyone who opposes the statist schemes of Obama is a Nazi are successful in re-electing Obama.

I am sure these ignorant statists don’t know that Nazi was an English acronym for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, but I am equally sure that these same people, if confronted with this truth, would apply the same pathological dose of cognitive dissidence to it as they do all other facts that get in their way.

The plan for power in socialism relies primarily on a system of public economic planning for the entire economy coupled with “democratization” of industry where the workers control the industry. This would mean that “the collective” would own everything, and what the didn’t own they would tax. Hey, sounds like the big government Democrats and RINOs doesn’t it!




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