Drone aircraft in the sky over farms and ranches in America?

Believe it or not, the EPA has been found to have drone aircraft in the sky over farms and ranches to check on “livestock.”


“A bipartisan group of Capitol Hill lawmakers is pressing EPA Director Lisa Jackson to answer questions about privacy issues and other concerns after the agency used aerial surveillance to monitor livestock operations over their home state of Nebraska.”

The Environmental Protection Agency uses aerial surveillance across a swath of the Midwest known as Section 7 – which  includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and  Missouri — and has defended the practice as cost-efficient.”

And for all you Texans who believe that such nonsense would never be tolerated in Texas: The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department in Texas bought its 50-pound, custom-built drone, which takes pictures by day and senses heat sources at night.

Statists imbue with power these un-elected offices, like the EPA, to continue the statist philosophy whether or not they are in elected office.

“Be afraid, very afraid, and NEVER vote for statists!


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