You hear the statists talk on the one hand about how much money they are going to save the country by decreasing the cost of health care  (by ostensibly  socializing it), and on the other hand how the country should welcome all the illegal immigrants and make them legal. Duplicitous? I’ll say.

Let me impart to you a little story that is exemplary of cases in hospitals all over America. When I was a Resident at L.A. County Hospital there was a patient who was a citizen of Guatemala on the Acute Neurology Ward that had severe memory problems related to herpes encephalitis.

The distance from Guatemala to Los Angeles is aprroximately 2,100 as the crow flies, but if one comes by land, then the trip is considerably longer, and  you must journey through the entirety of Mexico first. This unfortunate soul had lost his ability to remember anything new for more than a few seconds (anterograde amnesia), and had no memory about his past (retrograde amnesia ).   As if this were not tragic enough,  he remained on the Acute Neurology Ward for 7 years (at $2000 per day). In fact, he had been there so long that he become sort of the ward mascot. You see, because he had no memory, he could not tell the staff were he was from or who we could contact that knew him.


Now, he stayed on the floor NOT because he needed the services, but because the ward clerk couldn’t figure out how to get him to an appropriate level of care facility (since he was a Guatemalan national and not a citizen of the U.S.).

Fortunately for the man from Guatemala,  the ward clerk who was  in charge when the Guatemalan was admitted retired, and by the end of my 3 month rotation the new clerk found a government agency to pay for this man to he cared for at a residential care facility for a couple of thousand dollars a month (instead of a couple thousand a day). Now, you the tax player still had to pay for this non-citizen, but $58,000 less per month than you did for the previous 7 years.

Oh, by the way; the organization that ran all but the doctor services at L.A. County Hospital? Why SEIU of course! Yes, SEIU officials were the ones responsible for seeing that this man was moved to the proper facility. But hey, it was not their money (it was yours)!

Justice for Janitors Day

Although this is an extreme example, I personally took care of over a hundred people from Mexico, Central and South America, and Asia while I was in training at L. A. County hospital who were not citizens of the U. S., and I ordered treatment that must of totaled in the hundreds of thousands. I used to marvel at the huge distances many of these people would travel to get care; so, I always asked them why they came  all the way from their country to our county hospital. The answer I received 100% of the time? The care was free! Not because the care in their country was inferior, or they needed a procedure only U.S. hospitals performed. Nope, it was because someone told them that if the could make it across the border (in some cases many borders) and up to the county hospital, then the medical care would be free! Well, not for you the tax payer, but for anyone that didn’t pay U.S. tax be they legal or illegal.

Keep in mind I was only one out of 88 Residents in my specialty, and there were at least 900 more residents training in other specialties at that hospital alone! If you figure each one cared for just two non-citizens and then you multiply that number by all the hospitals in the United States with Residents, then you can see the scope of the problem. Do the math, and then tell the liars in the government and their shills in the media that the tax payer cannot pay the  bills for the rest of the world.

Ah, but to focus only on the cost is to lose sight of the real purpose of  providing  illegals free health care, for it is the votes of these people for statist politicians  (at the rate of over 85%)  that the statists really want.  Hey, why not? You are paying for it!



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