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President Obama’s ICE announced today (8/20/11) that the ICE and other Federal authorities will no longer deport illegals they apprehend unless they have been involved in a crime in the U.S., but they will punish illegals that don’t commit other crimes by giving them a work permit! The rationale behind this new policy is suggested as an attempt to get alien criminals out of the country, and people who only violate immigration laws will be dealt with “at a latter date”. Really?


The picture above looks like our farm! There was a steady flow of illegals through our farm beginning in the 50’s but illegals were at all times leery of being caught by the border patrol and deported.

Illegals from Mexico would follow the trails through the brush early in the morning and late in the day, always staying far away from the roads and open spaces. Even in the relative safety of big cities like San Antonio, they remained skittish. That all changed under Carter, as enforcement efforts waned, and the once timid illegals became much bolder.

During Carter’s reign, there were noticeably more illegals too, and they began traveling along the back roads instead of sticking only to the trails (as they became much less afraid of being caught).

Next came Reagan.

Things were relatively stable, but soon after Reagan began to show agreement with the statists and their Amnesty program, what was a steady stream of human migration became a raging torrent. Illegals were everywhere, stomping through the fields, walking along the sides of the paved roads heading north for the big cities and relative safety from deportation.

It was status quo with the first Bush One.

Under Clinton and Bush Two it got worse, but with Obama it now looks like a tsunami.

Mexico, contrary to popular belief, is a resource-rich nation that is being held back by its socialism and crony capitalism.


Remove the socialism and Mexico will explode with economic opportunity for all its people (not just the connected few). Unfortunately, that transformation is unlikely to emerge, and even a brief trip into Mexico would make it abundantly obvious that immigration, legal or otherwise, is a wise option for anyone who is less than a crony. In fact, if I were an unconnected Mexican, then I am pretty sure that the photograph below would likely be a snapshot of my travels.

The United States before FDR was a nation of people struggling to make a living, and migration into this nation was a relatively advantageous process for all Americans including the ones who just walked in. But since FDR the U. S. has become progressively (pun intended) ever more a welfare state, and  the United States has now devolved into a socialist nation that no longer requires citizenship to partake in the government enforced redistribution of property.

Frighteningly, with the recent statist control of almost every aspect of the government, we are headed for a future that looks more like Mexico every day! The socialist redistribution of property is always promoted as a mechanism to eliminate poverty, and since LBJ, it has been titled by socialists as a war.

However, it takes very little observation to see that America’s war on poverty, despite promoting indolence, has been very successful. Nowadays, poverty, and relative poverty at that, can only be sustained by importing poverty from other nations. Rest assured, importation of poverty is exactly what the anti-poverty operatives (statists) promote to keep the wheel of redistribution in constant motion.

Obama famously claimed that his administration would lower the rising seas.

Well, he may not have decreased the levels of the waters, but the socialism he has brought to our nation has greatly lowered the tides of economic opportunity. His administration would be wise to remember the adage that a rising tide raises all boats.

Remove illegal immigration and poverty will be eliminated from the States. Remove socialism from Mexico and you will remove any need for the people of Mexico to immigrate. Remove socialism from the United States and there will be no need for a war on poverty and there will be no need to make immigration illegal in the first place.

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