Time Line for the Benghazi Assassination

By the end of March, 2011 Obama orders the Pentagon to supply air support to the “Libyan rebels” (various groups with the stated intention of overthrowing the Libyan government and its dictator Qaddafi).

Of course, in this group is a significant fraction loyal to the ideals of Al-Qaeda, and victory assures replacement of a now pro-Western government with a bunch of Al-Qaeda types. Obama’s foreign policy is asking for trouble (can you say Iran 1979?).

April 5th, 2011, , while Qaddafi and his forces are still holding Tripoli, Obama sends his ambassador, Chris Stevens and his 12 man team, to the rebel held city of Benghazi as emissary to Obama’s chosen successors to power.

They set up shop in the Tibesty hotel, but after a car bomb goes off just outside the doors of the hotel on June 1st, 2011 they decide to leave for a “safer” location.

In August of 2011 they move into a “compound” (several buildings surrounded by a wall) located on the west side of Benghazi. It was NOT a fortified facility.

On October 20th, 2011, Qaddafi was killed by rebels, and Obama names Stevens as official ambassador to the nation of Libya.

Stevens spends most of his time in the US embassy in Tripoli, but frequently visits the compound in Benghazi. The Obamanation increased the height of the surrounding wall to 12 feet and adorned it it with concertina wire, and built inside the main residence a “safe house” (a jail cell basically).

During the Spring of 2012 there were a plethora of terrorist attacks in Benghazi and the rest of country went from lawlessness to targeted attacks of Westerners.

April 6th, 2012 a bomb is thrown over the wall of the compound.

June 6th, 2012 an IED is detonated on the north gate of the compound.

June 11th, 2012 a convoy of the British ambassador is ambushed in an assassination attempt.

At this point there had been over 230 separate attacks on Western governments’ security. Say that with me: “Two hundred-thirty.” Stevens becomes more and more worried and says so in a series of cables sent to the Obamanation in Washington.

August 5th, 2011 the security teams in Libya are sent out of the country or reduced in number despite protests by the Presidents teams in Libya.

September 11th, 2012 the embassy in Cairo, Egypt is attacked and the crowd of militants chant “We are all Osama.” At the time all is quiet at the Benghazi compound.

Around 6:00 pm Stevens sent another cable describing the deteriorating conditions in Libya.

At 8:30 pm the ambassador goes to bed.

At 9:40 pm the compound is attacked by a highly armed mob of people dressed as civilians, many dressed in the uniform of the Afghan Guard, and carrying the flag of a radical Islamic group.

At the CIA annex a mile away they could hear gun shots, and the staff of the CIA asked permission to assist, but are told three separate times to “stand down.”

Simultaneously, a request by a security agent at the ambassador’s compound for help was sent to the CIA annex, as well as activation of the imminent danger notification center. The ambassador’s security agent also notified the “Quick Reaction Security Team” stationed nearby (reduced in number by the Obamanation months before), the Libyan security forces, the US embassy in Tripoli, and the Diplomatic Security Center in Washington.

Around 10:00 pm (about 20 minutes after the attack starts) a US security drone began flying around the compound, sending real-time pictures of the attack back to the Security Center in Washington! At this point there are a total of 7 American trapped in the 3 buildings of the compound (and it is likely that Stevens and one other man, Sean Smith, trapped in the ambassador’s burning residence are already dead).

Around 10:30, 6 CIA personnel (including Tyrone Woods) disobey orders to stand down, and accompanied by 16 members of the Libyan security force, the men speed the mile from the CIA annex to the Ambassador’s compound. The CIA personnel find Smith, dead, but do not find Stevens.

They request back-up, are refused, and by 11:00 pm they are forced out of the compound. Under heavy fire they take the body of Smith back to the CIA annex via armored vehicle.

An hour later, at midnight, over 2 hours after the attack began, a “Quick Reaction Force” including former Seal Glenn Doherty from Tripoli boards a chartered jet to fly to Benghazi. By this time, an attack is launched against the CIA annex, and the Americans inside retreat to a building further back in the annex and send a request for help to Washington, which is again rejected.

Around this time (midnight) Special Forces are moved to southern Italy, just 480 miles away, but Panetta and Obama decide that they should not be put in harms way without a “clear picture” about what is actually going on in Benghazi (meanwhile the drone is still filming the fight and beaming the sounds and images back to Washington).

During this entire time in central Italy, one thousand miles or about an hour away, are stationed jets and attack helicopters, but the Obamanation wants “no innocent Libyans injured” and “no collateral damage.”,What does the Obamanation do instead? They reject the plan to send them to help the besieged Americans.

Around 1:00 am Stevens (sodomized multiple times and overcome by smoke) was taken by some of the terrorists to a nearby hospital were he was later pronounced dead; however, the pictures and videos of Stevens when he was in the custody of the raving band of poop-shoot pirates look EXACTLY like those of a person who has died of carbon monoxide asphyxiation (so in my expert opinion he is already dead).

After the fourth hour of being under attack, the drone overhead is running out of fuel, so another drone is sent in as replacement for the Obamation’s voyeurs.

Around 3:00 am the “Quick Reaction Force” finally arrives at the CIA annex, after being detained at the airport for 45 minutes by Libyan officials.

Around 4:00 am the CIA annex comes under attack and two more Americans, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Dohrety are killed by mortar fire (despite having the terrorist’s mortar position bathed by laser with the expectation it was going to be taken out by back-up).

Soon after, the CIA decides to evacuate the annex, and by the next day the entire group leaves Libya completely. Another victory for the Obamanation’s foreign policy.

Here is a  Google map locating protests around the world  showing just how great the the foreign policy of the Obamanation really is!

The Obamanation attempted to tie a low-budget video produced in Los Angeles this June with the world-wide Muslim outrage this September; a video by-the-way that NONE of the “protesters” ever viewed.

Four more years of this? Heaven help us!

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