Originalists are those evil people who believe the Constitution was designed to protect individual liberty, and it has been this liberty, or freedom if you will, that has made our country great.

Originalists reject the idea that any contemporary standards should be used to determine the meaning of the Constitution as human nature has been the same since the dawn of civilization, and the constitution was designed to protect the individual against human nature.

So , logically, Originalists reject the idea that the meaning of the Constitution can change (outside of a constitutional amendment-a process that is painstakingly described in the Constitution).  By the way, it was the socialist Woodrow Wilson who started the tradition of “interpretation” of the Constitution in order to get around the unconstitutionality of his socialist programs, but FDR was the master.  You see, it is much easier to “interpret” the constitution than it is to amendment it! However, the Obama Administration has jumped way ahead, and it has ignored the Constitution completely.

If the  “Fairness Doctrine” is established, then free speech will be squelched, and  our system of government cannot function.  If the socialists who are in power really want freedom (however I would posit that they do not) then they would NOT be bothered the oppositions dissent.  Thomas Jefferson, a politician the Democrats frequently quote, said,“We are not afraid … to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it” .

Classically,  socialists advocated complete nationalization, but the milder social democrats advocate state control of capital within the framework of the market economy.  So social democrats (like  the Democrats and the RINOs) propose  selective nationalization of key national industries (like oil, auto, and banking industries, etc.) combined with tax-funded welfare programs. Now I said socialists, but I did not mean that as JUST a pejorative as it is really a definition of their philosophy of government.  There are many types of socialism, and Obama and McCain are really both social democrats, but I reject them both (even if Obama is more socialist than democrat, and McCain vice versa).

The main difference, until now that the Obama Administration has assumed control, was that these two powerful groups of socialists were slowed down by the vocal dissent from the Right.  Theoretically at least, the “Fairness Doctrine” would have stopped the dissemination of that dissent, but since the Obama Administration has in effect totally ignored the Constitution,  protest has become moot.





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