Lyndon  B. Johnson  (LBJ) earned the nickname “Landslide Lyndon”  or “Ballot box Johnson” in 1948  when he became a U.S. Senator from Texas on the strength of 87 questionable votes. However, most of us knew Lyndon Banes Johnson as “LBJ” — the tall man with the Texas accent who reluctantly assumed the responsibilities as the 46th president of the United States following the assasination of John Kennedy. Not many of us knew who Lyndon Johnson was before he was placed on the Kennedy presidential ticket in 1960, and as far as most of us knew,  he was simply a senator from Texas.

The setting for the saga of LBJ was South Texas.  The key player was George Parr, “The Duke of Duval,” the boss of the South Texas political machine, and the man called patrón by the Chicano people.

The “Duke of Duval County,” George Parr

Through a powerful network of alliances, George Parr controlled politics in 15 South Texas counties and wielded influence at the state capital and in Washington.  He also exercised considerable power over economic development in his realm, controlling banks and exacting high tax levies.

Parr  controlled the votes in southern Texas, and  of course, there was a price for Parr’s support. Six days after the polls had closed, the winner for Texas Senator was still not decided, but  miraculously, in the district of Alice, Texas, 202 additional votes suddenly appeared in the Precinct 13 voting box. All but 2 of these were cast for Lyndon Johnson. To make matters worse, these 202 names appeared to be added to the list, were in alphabetical order, were in the same handwriting and written with the same ink. When the final results were in that day, with some minor changes in a few other precincts statewide, Johnson went ahead by eighty-seven votes.

George Parr, (second from the left) sufficiently paid by Johnson’s camp,  delivered the Senatorial election to Johnson

A happy "Lyin" Lyndon is sworn in as U.S. Senator on January 3, 1949.

A happy Lyndon is sworn in as U.S. Senator on January 3, 1949

Fast forward 12 years. During the Presidential election of  1960,  Kennedy benefited from voter fraud, especially in Texas and Illinois, as well as in nine other states.  These two states are particularly important because if Nixon had carried both, he would have won the election. Some journalists also later claimed that the Chicago crime syndicate played a role in Kennedy’s victory in Illinois. By-the-way, Kennedy was both the last Northern Democrat and sitting United States senator to win the presidency until Obama. Make no mistake about it, Illinois or not, Johnson, with help from Parr, delivered Texas to Kennedy.

Now, their are those who believed Johnson was also behind Kennedy’s assassination, but I am not one of those; however, LBJ took the opportunity to put in place a statist juggernaut that has throttled this country ever since.

In 1969 LBJ ended his one term as an elected President, and he died 1973. Two years later so did The Duke;  however, just months before the Duke would have been convicted of a multitude of sins, he committed suicide. Yes,  Parr chose to end his own life rather than live out his days behind bars.

But what can we learn from all this? Well, for all you mystics Karma may be real, but LBJ was never rebuked for his sponsoring of voter fraud, and we the people had to endure one of the worst presidents of all time, and Parr help launch one of the most destructive statist politicians the U.S. had ever seen.

I guess it looks like LBJ is going to come in a distant second to the big O, but make no mistake about it, the big O’s machine will make the voter fraud of the Duke and LBJ look like guppy in a sea of sharks.



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