When I was a first-year resident at L.A. County Hospital, about 1/4 of the patients I saw on the medical floors were illegals, and most of them were from Mexico and Central America (with an occasional South American thrown in just to make it interesting).

After the first illegal patient I was assigned told me that he came to L.A. County Hospital because he knew the care was free–something he learned in his native country– I began making it my routine to ask people why they came to this particular hospital. Without exception, every single one of the hundred or so illegals I interviewed told me “Because it was free.” Wow!

In the TB case in Florida, they really did not spend that much money if one compares that amount ($500,000 of 2009 dollars over 1 and 1/2 years) with the amounts doctors spend commonly on their illegal hospitalized patients.

I can remember spending $100,000 tax dollars on just one women from Guatemala in a little more than two weeks–and that was 1989 dollars. My experience was not unique. There was a man from Honduras who was stricken with Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease that stayed on the acute neurology service for over 7 years at a base cost of $2,000 a day (strictly because of red tape as the person responsible for his transfer to a lower level of care was a member of the SEIU and could not be fired). The Guatemalan national was finally moved to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) with a cost of just under $4,000 a month (after the SEIU member retired and a new person took their place). When I said with disbelief, “$4,000 a month!”, they head of the department said, “Hey, that’s better than $2,000 a day!

Redistribution, ain’t it grand (four a month in this case)!




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