You remember Emperor Nero, he fiddled while Rome burned?
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Legend has it that in A.D. 64 the Emperor Nero (who ruled Rome from A.D. 54 – A.D. 68, and last of the Caesars), set fire to Rome to get an idea of how Troy looked when it was in flames and to serve as a suitable background for a recitation of his poetry while playing the fiddle.
It appears he did not actually play the fiddle (perhaps a lyre) or start the big fire in A.D. 64, but he did order some other people’s buildings be burned to the ground to stop the fire’s progress. 
In the end, the fire burned for nine days and destroyed two thirds of the city of Rome. Nero blamed the fire on the Christians, who were then a much put-upon sect and a handy scapegoat. Hmmm, it seems like history is repeating.
After the fire, he decided he wanted to “change” Rome and in so doing he would become immortalized. He decided to rebuild the once wooden city of Rome with centrally-planned government buildings of marble and stone. He got the land he wanted by confiscating Roman citizens’ property via condemnation proceedings, and he went on a spending spree never before seen in history (well, that is until 2005 when the Democrats took over both Houses of Congress, and then accelerated their spending when one of their own went from fast spending Senator to ludicrous spending President in 2008)… 
Several years into Nero’s investment in “infrastructure” the Roman government went broke; so what did Nero do? He had already robbed many Roman citizens of their land (private property); so, in order to confiscate more money, he had his police force rob all the temples in the Roman Empire, essentially sacking his own country.
Does history repeat itself? You tell me!

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