Trump’s blunder in Colorado may have been a stroke of genius!

Reading his op-ed sure gives me the impression that he is trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Trump is very skillful, I might even say genius, at generating and then using his supporters’ emotions to overcome their logic.
Colorado changed their system from a binding straw poll to a caucus system way back in August (that is over 8 months  or 2/3 of a year before the delegates were chosen). Trump left this important information out of his op-ed. If this snuck up on Trump and his team, then he obviously doesn’t pick “the best people” to help him and he may not be ready to be El Presidente.
Colorado’s delegates were chosen by the 65,000 registered Republicans in a republican (representative) democracy. Each Republican from their neighborhood precinct caucus voted for a district captain and a number of precinct delegates proportionate to the number of Republicans in that district (precinct)There were no crossovers from the Demowitz like South Carolina. I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
Next, the district (precinct) captain and the district(precinct) delegates selected from each precinct attended their county’s caucus or A.K.A. county assembly.
I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
At the county assembly the precinct delegates voted to select each countydelegate to go to a congressional assembly and state assembly
Delegates to the Republican National Convention were then elected from both of those assemblies.
I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
 If you wanted to be a delegate to the national convention, you had to fill out a form and email it to a state Republican official, noting whether you would be pledged to a particular presidential candidate or not.
I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
In the lead-up to those assemblies, each delegate received communications about logistics. Since all campaigns had access to delegate emails, each delegate received communications from all the campaigns seeking their vote.
I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
According to the national assembly delegates, the Cruz campaign was very organized with an easy-to-navigate interface that allowed delegates to quickly see who was on the Cruz slate for each assembly. The Trump campaign wasn’t so well organized, and they issued error-filled ballots that caused problems for the Trump supporters. I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
Most interesting of all is the fact that BEFORE the state-wide delegates voted, the all the Republican candidates were scheduled to meet with the delegates. Trump arranged for local security, but then cancelled his appearance at the last minute. 
I did not see this fact in Mr. Trumps’ op-ed.
Being snubbed by the Donald left many of the Colorado delegates feeling like they were unimportant to Trump. 
Why would he do that, and what could be more pressing? Did his team drop the ball? No one but Trump can say for sure, however, the most logical hypothesis is that his internal polling suggested he was going to lose big, and in order to snatch victory from defeat, he used the same device as he did in Iowa, that is blame Cruz as a cheater. It worked before, and when you have a majority of low-information voters and seemingly unlimited press coverage to spread your spin, then why not?
I am sure this post, since it is not a pitch to emotion, is not going to sway emotion, but as Saint John said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 
I just hope there is still enough time for you to be free before we get a gold Air Force One and buyer’s remorse.

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