The presidential primary system is unfair to Trump?

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I hear Trumpsters, especially the Trumpster himself, lamenting about how the people of Colorado were cheated (but what they really mean, whether they admit it on not, is that Trump didn’t win there so it is unfair).
Trumpsters argue that the Republican presidential primary delegates should be given proportionally to the percentage of votes the candidate gets!
The people of Colorado should stand up and demand it!
I find it ironic that so-called Republicans (who derived their name exactly because we have a republican-style government where We the people elect representatives to make decisions for us about governmental function) want the presidential primary delegates to be awarded  proportionally to the percentage of votes a candidate gets!
They need to be careful what they wish for.
For example:
South Carolina: Trump 32.4% of the vote & 100% of the delegates.
Florida: Trump 45.7% of the vote & 100% of the delegates.
Arizona: Trump 45.9% of the vote & 100% of the delegates.
Illinois: Trump 38.8% of the vote & 78.3% of the delegates.
Missouri: Trump 40.8% of the vote & 71.2% of the delegates.
Alabama: Trump 43.4% of the vote & 72% of the delegates.
Northern Mariana Islands: Trump 72.8% of the vote & 100% of the delegates.
Tennessee: Trump 38.9% of the vote & 56.9% of the delegates.
Georgia: Trump 38.8% of the vote & 56.6% of the delegates.
Vermont: Trump 32.7% of the vote & 50% of the delegates.
Hawaii: Trump 42.4% of the vote & 57.9% of the delegates.
Mississippi: Trump 47.3% of the vote & 62.5% of the delegates.
New Hampshire: Trump 35.2% of the vote & 47.8% of the delegates.
U.S. Virgin Islands: Trump 6.4% of the vote & 16.7% of the delegates.
Idaho: Trump 28.1% of the vote & 37.5% of the delegates.
Arkansas: Trump 32.8% of the vote & 40% of the delegates.
Maine: Trump 32.6% of the vote & 39.1% of the delegates.

Michigan: Trump 36.5% of the vote & 42.4% of the delegates.

Alaska: Trump 33.6% of the vote & 39.3% of the delegates.
Texas: Trump 26.7% of the vote & 31% of the delegates.
Massachusetts: Trump 49.3% of the vote & 52.4% of the delegates.
Oklahoma: Trump 28.3% of the vote & 30.2% of the delegates.
Kentucky: Trump 35.9% of the vote & 37% of the delegates.
Nevada: Trump 45.7% of the vote & 46.7% of the delegates.
North Carolina: Trump 40.2% of the vote & 40.3% of the delegates.
Virginia: Trump 34.7% of the vote & 34.7% of the delegates.
Kansas: Trump 23.4% of the vote & 22.5% of the delegates.
Iowa: Trump 24.3% of the vote & 23.3% of the delegates.
Louisiana: Trump 41.4% of the vote & 39.1% of the delegates.
Puerto Rico:  Trump 13.1% of the vote & 0% of the delegates.
Washington DC: Trump 13.8% of the vote & 0% of the delegates.
Utah: Trump 14% of the vote & 0% of the delegates.
Wisconsin: Trump 35.1% of the vote & 14.3% of the delegates.
Ohio: Trump 35.6% of the vote & 0% of the delegates.
New York: Trump 60% of the vote & 95% of the delegates.
Do the Trumpsters know that more people voted for Cruz in Wisconsin than voted for Trump in New York, yet Trump was awarded 55 more delegates for his New York win than Cruz for his Wisconsin win?
In fact, in one New York district, Trump gleaned only 642 total votes yet was awarded 3 delegates!
So Trump has won a higher share of delegates than votes in unfair system!
How can you stand for this! 
Don’t believe the hype!

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