I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Dana Loesch on their respective podcasts (a fantastic option by-the-way), and this morning I was listening to the podcast for 8/9/13 by Levin and had an epipheny.

Mark was reciting a long list of statist groups like La Raza (which means "The Race"). To digress for a moment, all the doubters of what the phrase actually means just need to look up what happened in Crystal City, Texas in the 70's when "La Raza" had complete control over the government in that South Texas town. It was Detroit before Detroit.

La Raza and the other seemingly infinite supply of statists' groups are relentless in trying to change our country. These statists groups are not populated by the intellectually gifted or tirelessly industrious, but they are like zombies; they seem to never die, and there are always more of them coming! The YouTube video clip of Bob Hope's retort about zombies immediately comes to mind.

How do they do it? Perhaps you already knew this, but I now realize that it is because the organizers AND the rank and file alike are just like Willy Horton and just follow the money!

I have known for most of my life that it is a corrupt cycle where the voting statists help elect the political statists who, in a tit-for-tat, send government money back to the voting statists. I got that, but what about the daily rank and file statist? What motivates these usually unmotivated and low-information drones? The obvious answer is money.

The organizing statists, like tics on a dog, are able to suck the life blood right out of the government via grants and other such slush funds. The reason why THEY are zombie-like is they are paid for their efforts, in fact, they make a living doing nothing more than that; for them it is a full time, full pay, job! I knew this fact too, but what I didn't see until now is what was motivating the drones?

The obvious answer rained down on me when I was in queue at the Grocery store awaiting my turn to check out. When I was in the checkout line, I noticed that in front of me was a mom with three school-age kids paying for a cart full of groceries with her WIC certificates. Behind me ditto.

Viola! The advantages of being a statist are immediate and include things as fundamental as food! Oh, I already knew this fact intellectually, in fact many of my patients are on disability, getting government (tax payer)redistribution money, and thus have no intention of getting better, but I just did not see the forest for the trees.

The other part of this mornings' epiphany involved the other end of the spectrum, that is the crony end of the statist redistribution scheme, crony capitalism. The owner of the store, with the WIC users with which I was temporarily confederating, is a friend, and he owns about 400 other grocery stores just like the one I described. In 2008, I was riding with him in his plane to a NASCAR race, and during the flight I asked him about Obama. To my surprise he was woefully uninformed about and even unmoved by the prospects of the upcoming Obama Administration. I could NOT understand how this could be so, as he seemingly had so much to lose; that is until I was in queue at his store this week. Duh! He profits from the transfer of money from the tax payer to the rank and file statist supporter!

I knew all about how direct "crony capitalism" functioned, but I never really thought about how it worked indirectly. So, I already knew both ends of the economic spectrum profit from the statists (at least superficially), but it was not until I heard Mark lament this morning about the endless conga line of statist organizations that I finally saw the forest; all the zombie statists and their organizers benefit directly and relatively immediately from supporting statists causes!

Now, for the third part of the epiphany! We supporters of the Constitution (Originalists) don't get paid, at least not immediately (superficially or otherwise), for supporting causes that defend our Constitution. We have to work for a living, and we don't have time to be experts on these statists' attacks. Therefore, we depend on radio personalities like Rush, Mark, and Dana; TV personalities like Beck and Stossel; and internet sources like YouTube videos, blogs, and e-mail to keep us informed. But for us, all this effort it is non-profit at best, and negative-profit if you consider the opportunity costs for listening (and worst if you are a campaign contributor).

These Conservative personalities (Originalists if you will) have figured out how to profit directly from the strengths of their convictions and unmatched talents, and now the rest of us need to figure out a way to profit and directly motivate all of us less gifted and more pedestrian rank and file Originalists! Once we do that, then we can truly take back our nation and get politicians who will actually do the same!

Any ideas?


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